13 June 2008

the idea.. i copy from somebody.. is it funny??
see.. they need 3 yrs experience!! i juz almost grad.. whr can i find the experience?? wo lao eh! this is china!
Great Microsoft.. they made SQL Server 2008!!!
everywhr has five star! our flag.. our...
this is my ticket!
it is near zoo.. have u seen it b4??
u konw.. the embass is in Dong Zhi Men.. one of my mom partime jobs is thr..
this is 梅兰芳大剧院. 梅兰芳 is from beijing. he is good at singing women opera. my grandpap likes him. he is not gay! ai yo.. wo lao eh.. i miss..
没想到.. finally.. the bus passed by this place.. it reminds lots of things!

bell & drum..
hah.. somebody was married! cheers!
东城法院. 东城 is part of beijing. it is in the center. the part is rich.
this is 簋街. it is famous in beijing! the 麻辣小龙虾 is famous food in there!!
this is the 1st 7-11 in beijing!
it is sg company. somebody told me!
the bus no 117. i went Dong Zhi Men by that.
Chao Yang Park! the biggest 摩天轮 in the world will build in here!

this is the ticket office.

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