07 June 2008

So many things!!

this is the gal from batch 3! she comes back to beijing! so excited!! it is like a dream! ytd.. when we msn.. she was in sg.. i was in bj.. then .. we said c u tml!! so nice!! then.. today.. i went to grand view great. it is near my home.. i went thr by bike.. btw.. in the morning.. bj was raining.. it was cool today! she said it is like autumn! yes!! bj 's weather is gd!!!! i like bj!! but i like da lian best!! hah.. lynn!! so nice u come back!! cheers!!

today.. it is china university entrance exam!!! it is like A-level in sg.. i took it 2 yrs ago! it is so hard!! chinese, math, english, physics, chemal, biology.. ai yo... dying!!! JC yr3.. i slp at 2 am.. the sch starts at 6:30am.. ai yo.. bitc's life is simple and EZ.. the JC.. ai yo..
this pic is my JC!! niu jie!!! hah~~~
today.. midnight.. europe cup!!! 葡萄牙!!!

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