08 July 2008

Olympic debut Ji Nian Chao 奥运首张纪念钞

People's Bank of China scheduled for 8th July, 2008 issued the 29th session of the Olympic Games Ji Nian Chao one.
The 29th Olympic Games Jinian Chao denomination of 10 yuan, the main colours of blue and green, with the rate of 148.5 mm, 72.0 mm wide.
the positive patterns The main positive Ji Nian Chao King logo for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games main venue - the National Stadium, at the top for the 29th Olympic Games emblem design, background patterns for the Temple of Heaven. Face the top-left corner for the glory-denomination change the number "10" and below it for the National Stadium watermark logo; face the bottom left for the denomination Braille markings, holographic positioning Loukong logo, color cable Shaped number; face right from top to bottom for China People's Republic of the national emblem design, Gravure hand lines, which are denominated figures "10" and "pick up a round".
the back patterns Ji Nian Chao the back of the main design for the King of ancient Greek sculpture "discus throw", athletes Qun Xiang logo and "2008". Lord King logo below for Nian Hao "2008" and president of the chop. Face to the left "to commemorate the 29th Olympic Games", which are denominated figures "10", the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet "YUAN" and the word holographic optical variable window security thread; face the top-right "People's Bank of China," Chinese Phonetic Alphabet to name and Mongolia, Possession, Victoria, four Zhuang ethnic language, "People's Bank of China," the words and denominations.

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